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Non Trivial Quest Trivia Fun & Educational Board Game

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Brand New, Factory Sealed Trivia Fun & Educational Board Game

Product Features

  • Family, Social, Party, and Fun Educational Board Game
  • Ages 10+
  • 2-8 Players or Teams
  • Fun learning and discussing answers and descriptions of answers

Product Description

Non-Trivial Quest is a board game of the significant and important (non trivial) things that we should know and understand in our lives. These are the things we all need to know something about in order to understand, communicate and manage our lives at a comfortable and successful level. The game has the a set of trivia questions and answer cards with the number (choice selected from the dice numbers) with the following subject categories:

1. Health and Nutrition
2. Math, Science and Technology
3. Money and Economics
4. Everyday Law, Civics and Sociology
5. Computer and Internet
6. History and Geography

The trivia fun game can have 2 to 8 players. Each player chooses a token to represent him or herself on the board. Game can be played with varied levels of difficulty and speed. The games easily combines trivia fun as well as educational and learning experience, while encouraging a healthy conversation among the players.