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Aunt Dimity: Vampire Hunter - by Nancy Atherton (Author)

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Her paranoia regarding her preschooler twins' safety erupting in the face of tales about a pale, blood-stained figure lurking in the nearby woods, Lori consults with her not-quite-departed Aunt Dimity and eventually stumbles upon a charismatic vagabond, a bitter old woman, and the truth about a forty-year-old murder.

This book has a nicely convoluted story line, is nicely detailed, and has a good amount of humor! Near the start of Atherton's engaging 13th Aunt Dimity mystery, series heroine Lori Shepherd, the overprotective mother of five-year-old horse-obsessed twins, is alarmed when her sons insist they saw a vampire during their riding lessons. From her strange friendship with the spectral Aunt Dimity, Lori knows anything's possible, even vampires, though Lori fears a pedophile may be skulking in the woods outside the Cotswolds village where she and her family live. In search of answers, Lori cozies up to her odd, reclusive neighbors and immerses herself in local history. Lori's stable master friend, Kit Smith, lends his support. Though the vampire's identity borders on the implausible, most readers will have had too much fun to mind.

One of Nancy Atherton's best Aunt Comity mysteries. If you enjoy cozy mysteries you must give this book a go!

Series: Aunt Dimity

Hardcover: 240 pages

Publisher: Viking Adult

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0670018546

ISBN-13: 978-0670018543


Condition: Brand New