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Disney Trivia Fun Game: Disney Dogs Edition: Blue Ribbon Challenge

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15 Different Types Of Game Play

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Product Description

Travel inside the world of Disney's favorite dogs as pups in the Disney trivia fun game that transforms the traditional board game into an amazing entertainment experience that's 100% pure digital fun. Whether you're a young pup or a seasoned purebred, you can compete to win the prestigious Pup Cup and all the barking rights that go with it. Featuring immersive, 3-D environments from your favorite Disney dog movies, as well as hundreds of trivia questions and on-screen brain teasers, Disney Dog Edition is the ultimate Disney trivia for dog lovers and Disney fans everywhere. Plus, there are no game pieces to lose -- everything you need is on the DVD. Your remote controls your destiny. Up to 4 Players. Two Modes of Play - (1) Family mode for kids and families (2) Collector's mode for Disney trivia buffs.

The traditional board game gets a fun new update in this interactive Disney DVD "Blue Ribbon Challenge" game that allows one to four players to choose a Disney dog character, spin, move around a virtual game board, answer trivia questions, scrutinize video clips, and play chance games right on their television sets. The three-dimensional game board features a virtual spinner; scenes from Oliver & Company, Mickey's Toon Town, Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, and the Fox and the Hound; and everything from the classic ball under the moving cup trick to video clips from classic Disney dog movies. While there are two levels of play, even the easiest family level poses trivia questions that will prove difficult for children younger than 7 years or any player who hasn't seen virtually every Disney movie with a dog in the main character list. With over 1200 trivia questions and 15 different categories of game play, every game is a new trivia fun experience. Cynics might call this game just a glorified bonus feature that's missing the main presentation, but young gamers are more likely to call it the next generation in board games. --Tami Horiuchi


Featuring Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Plays on standard DVD Player.