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Everyday Mathematics Teacher's Reference Manual (Grades 4-6) - by Max Bell, Amy Dillard

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Managing the Curriculum. The Importance of Problem Solving. Managing Tools. Organizing Students. Organizing Daily routines and Displays. Differentiating Instruction. Managing Assessment. Providing for Home-and-School Communication. Numeration and Order. Arithmetic Operations. Algorithms. Data and Chance. Geometry. Measurement. Reference Frames. Estimation, Mental Arithmetic, and Number Sense. Patterns, Sequences, Functions, and Algebra. Problem Solving.


Spiral-bound: 384 pages

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Wright Group (2007)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0076045951

ISBN-13: 978-0076045952


Condition: Like New (No visible damage - Looks unused and unread)