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Identicator Fingerprint Card Holder

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Fingerprinting requires keeping the fingerprinting card still while applying the inked fingers to it. This fingerprint card holder does just that, with no fuss. It’s easy to position the card in the holder, and that makes the whole process much smoother. Fingerprinting Card Holder is one of the key fingerprinting devices whether you are setting up a fingerprinting within your office or for mobile fingerprinting.

Solid, uni-mold constructed fingerprint card holder is made of a sturdy, high-grade plastic. Includes soft rubber feet for portable use. We also include screws for permanent mounting to a desk or counter top.


Product Features

  • Durable
  • Permanent or portable use
  • Rigid arm that locks in place prevents slipping
  • Holds any size card, including cards based on the A4 paper standard
  • Snap-lock feature that prevents any movement of an 8" x 8" fingerprinting form while taking prints