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Liberated - by Externa Labady (Author)

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Liberated is a true-life documentary about a young woman who found her true love and soul mate partner after her mother's death. She struggled with depression as well as many other challenges in her life. She sought and found great spiritual wisdom. With determination, she overcame her lessons and turned her life around one into huge success wealth happiness. Reaping the fruit of her good karma. This inspiring story covers everything from child abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, cultural discrimination, and spiritual persecutions from two powerless Haitian-voodoo priests. Failed relationships, sibling rivalry, abandonment by her father, and the sizzling romance between her and her soul-mate-partner are issues that are part of this story's development. This story also includes the Harvoch empowering techniques on relationships, clues for bedroom romances, and guide for parenting. By extension, this book looks at the psychological impacts on child rape, sexual molestation, and the cognitive developmental stages of childhood. This book was written with the aim of reaching a wide array of individuals, which may include: ethnic groups, parents, couples, young adults, and elderly adults. The inhered realness of this book's makes it a marketable piece of literature. In tone, it is motivational, spiritual, humorously witty, and enlightening. It will enlighten parents, aid couples in their relationships, and help those who are afflicted by emotional problems. The knowledge gained from this book, when applied, will induce positive attitudes in the readers' lives, be they young or old, uninitiated or initiated. Each chapter in this book unravels the perspectives of wit and intrigue.


Paperback: 92 pages

Publisher: Author House

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1414026412

ISBN-13: 978-1414026411

Condition: Brand New