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Like Your Own Daughters: Words Of Hope For Individuals And Families Facing Long-Term Care - by Randi Kulik LCSW (Author)

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Who is taking care of your mother? Who is looking after your father? For the more than 1.8 million nursing home residents in this country, it is the nursing assistant. Indeed, one in five Americans will be placed in the hands of such strangers during a lifetime. Until now little reassurance has been offered to families who are struggling with the difficult decision of turning to long-term care. Written in the caregivers' own words, "Like Your Own Daughters" candidly describes daily life in a nursing home, a world where residents and families grapple with the demands of an unfamiliar environment. It is also a place where care is provided, joyful moments are celebrated, the dying process is shared, and residents are remembered. "Like Your Own Daughters" will help the reader understand and, perhaps, learn to trust that the nursing home can be a good place to live.

Like Your Own Daughters offers a poignant glimpse into a world that most of us know little about. The comments and thoughts of nursing home caregivers address light moments as well as matters of life and death, and reading them is comforting; these caregivers really do care. The book that offers a glance into the reality of living and working in long term care and to the meaningful relationships between the residents and their caregivers. Residents speak and the nursing aides, not only listen, but hold onto the words and experiences long after their relationship ends. The book is very uplifting and gives the nurse's aides and residents something they deserve- a voice! This is a great book for those working in the field of aging, and it's an invaluable companion for anyone whose loved one lives in a nursing home. After reading this book, you will have a greater understanding and respect for those who work and live in the long term care setting.

Paperback: 100 pages

Publisher: BookSurge Publishing

Language: English

ISBN-10: 143921042X

ISBN-13: 9781439210420

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