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Outside the Box: A Memoir Hardcover by Lynn Sherr (Author)

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ABC-TV's Lynn Sherr writes a savvy, witty, and moving memoir about events that have shaped her life and her career as one of the first women to break through in broadcast television

As a reporter for 40 years, most of them on television, Lynn Sherr has brought clarity and insight to many of the most compelling news events of our day—from politics to murder trials to the space program. Now this widely respected award-winning journalist lets us in on what she's seen "inside the box" as she steps outside for a reality check. She tells how television journalism has changed over the years, for better and for worse, and explores the critical state of TV news today. Her accounts of the political and cultural upheavals she covered also make this a social history of our time.

When she first began in the industry, newspaper editors bluntly told her, "We don't hire girls," but Lynn persevered, both covering and experiencing the emergence of modern feminism. All that despite being fired from her first TV job! She also addresses the heartbreak of her husband's death followed by her own battle with colon cancer. Lynn Sherr opens up about those painful times with an honesty that will touch and inspire readers. Her personal accounts—growing up in Philadelphia, where her father was a pioneering professional basketball player; suddenly becoming a stepmom; slipping off to commune with giraffes—all underscore her insistence on always keeping one foot outside the box.

From Publishers Weekly:

News junkies, and probably many casual viewers, will remember Sherr from her long stint as an investigative journalist on ABC's 20/20 and World News Tonight, where she primarily covered politics and the space program. Even Sherr's fans may not know that she started out as a print journalist for Conde Nast and the AP, which helps explain why she not only has something to say in this career-spanning memoir, but can say it well. With 40 years of industry experience, Sherr plays witness to some major changes in journalism: "As one of the first wave of women in the business, I've not only covered the feminist movement; I've been part of it, stepping into jobs that didn't exist until I got there." Sherr has a talent for visceral details, giving the events she covers a you-are-there immediacy; "I not only saw the first NASA shuttle launch, I felt it, in my heart and my chest, as the sound waves from the pad literally reverberated against my body, pressing me back to earth as the hundred-ton orbiter headed towards weightlessness." She also shares a good chunk of her personal life, avoiding self-indulgence to share the gritty, sad stuff of real life: her father's death, her husband's losing battle with cancer, and her own successful struggle against colon cancer. Wise, warm and engaging throughout, the book provides resonant confirmation for Sherr's belief that "History matters, and even the smallest life is history."


Hardcover: 368 pages

Publisher: Modern Times

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1594862575

ISBN-13: 978-1594862571

Condition: Brand New